Beautification Project

We would like to introduce ourselves as a new volunteer committee that would like to help improve our community in general appearance. We are a small group with big plans that could use plenty of volunteers to help us out. 

Before we describe what we hope to accomplish we would like to take a moment to thank the former Normandy Beach Garden Club ladies that worked so hard for  many years to help NB look as colorful and cheerful as possible with plantings around town and at the Bay Beach House. Those ladies formed  the group back in the late 70’s and had a very active membership thriving until very recently when Sandy, Covid and retirements affected their ability to continue. They worked diligently for many years, did charitable contributions to many different groups and spruced up our community at nearly all holidays. We can’t emphasize how much hard work they put into their efforts.

This new committee (NBBP) got together over the winter to make plans, discuss what we hope to accomplish and decided we will initially focus on the Bay Beach House (if you’re unaware, the BBH was severely flooded over the winter and needs work both inside and out) We have already helped the NBA in researching and choosing new fencing around the BBH and new display boards being erected in place of the old (rotted) display boards, as the road raising in that area will reflect the need for this. We also would like to continue with the plantings along Rt. 35, as well as around the BBH.

These are just our initial thoughts and plans, but we do hope to gain volunteers to help us proceed over these summer months with clean up, plantings, and fund raising.We have many ideas, lots of energy and hope….please let us know if you are interested in pitching in!  If you are, just send an email to

Maureen Giordano 

Kim Venutolo 

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Lee Childers · April 27, 2023 at 1:03 pm

GREAT IDEA…………we are here to help……

Marilynn Hakala · May 11, 2023 at 3:09 pm

Replied to volunteer in response to your first email but no reply. Am eager to help with gardening, weeding, cleanup etc. Please tell me what to do next.

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