Jellyfish Prevention Project

You might not see those stinging jellyfish in your lagoon yet but their polyps are multiplying underneath your dock. It’s that time of year when scrubbing your bulkhead and the underside of your floating docks could actually reduce the amount of stinging bay nettle jellyfish come summer. All you need is a pool brush and an extended handle. Brush along the length of your bulkhead to remove those pesky cloning polyps before they have a chance to release those tiny bay nettle jellies. Once you’ve moved on from your bulkhead don’t forget the underside of your floating dock! Plastic floating docks are a hotspot for bay nettle polyps so if they’ve remained in your lagoon for the off season be sure to give them a good scrub. Remember we are only focused on scrapping off the jellyfish polyps so be sure to brush gently so as to not disturb your filter feeding neighbors. If you have any questions feel free to email Save Barnegat Bay’s Jellyfish Education Coordinator, Brittany McLaughlin @

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