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Bay Beach Camp 2023 Registration will open on March 25th for NBIA MEMBERS ONLY! Members will have priority registration for 1 week.

On April 1st we will open up camp registration for Non-members – people who are not members of the NBIA. We will have a waitlist for respective ages when their group reaches capacity. NBIA Members will be given priority on the waitlist.

Questions regarding camp? email Sarah @

Click below to register:

Registration will open on March 25th for NBIA Members and April 1st for non-members. If you’ve been to camp before, please click “RETURNING Family Camp Registration” below to sign into your account and register. New families can click the second link to the right, “New Family Camp Registration”.

NOTE: Camp already has a waitlist for several weeks during the upcoming 2023 summer.  There is a waitlist per group, and per week.  The waitlist is in place for safety and legal reasons.  Unfortunately, we are not able to notify you of your child’s location on the waitlist, or accommodate when one sibling gets in and the other doesn’t. You will receive an email confirmation if/when you’re added off the waitlist.

Things You Need to Know About Camp 2023

  • Registration for camp is only available online, above
  • Camp hours are 10am-3pm Monday – Friday for ages 4-12.  
    • 3-year old camp will be open 10-1:30. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • All 3-year old’s must be 3 by April 1, 2023 and fully potty-trained.
    • If the beaches are cleared due to thunderstorms, we will need to send certain groups home on a rotating basis, because of indoor capacity limits. We are not able to offer refunds when this happens. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Lunch is included for all campers:
    • Sandwiches Mon, Wed, & Fri; Chicken fingers Tues, Pizza on Thurs.  
  • All children should come to camp with sunscreen and a bathing suit on, water, and a towel.
  • Place child’s name on all belongings.
  • Tennis shoes must be worn in the afternoons.
  • Camp T-shirts must be worn on all field trips and are included in tuition.

Bay Beach Camp FAQs

Can I add time – my kids LOVED their first week?

Absolutely, depending on availability (we are often at capacity in many groups).  We will need to add that for you from our end. Please call us at 732-375-6240 or stop by!

What about when it rains?

If there is just rain, camp is open and running. If there is an extended period of thunder and lightning we will need to close camp and will rotate which groups go home.

What time is camp? 

Camp runs from 10:00 am until 3:00pm for children ages 4-12. Camp is 10am until 1:30pm for campers aged 3.

Is lunch included?

Yes! We have lunch included in your tuition. When you register your camper online you will see the sandwich options from Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday is chicken fingers and Thursday is Pizza. We provide Chips Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday. We provide drinks and an ice pop with lunch-ALL DAYS!

What if my camper has allergies?

Please inform the counselor and director of any allergies! We take all epi pens, medicine, or auvi-q’s with us wherever we go and all counselors are trained.  We also have a list of allergies provided during registration that’s shared with the counselors at lunch time.

We are coming to camp with friends, would they be able to be in the same group?

Groups are based on age and grade, so it is solely dependent on that. We cannot make exceptions.

Do you group them according to age and is it coed?

Groups are coed by age/grade. 

How many children in a group and how many counselors? 

At most, there are 10 campers for every counselor but more commonly it is a 6-1 ratio, plus CIT’s (counselors in training). 

What is the age range of the entire camp?

Camp runs ages 3-12, Pre-k (age 3 by April 1st AND POTTY TRAINED, up until 12-entering 7th grade)

Is there a way if we can pay for certain days and not the whole week?

Unfortunately, no. Guest registration is no longer offered. Capacity limits prevent us from being able to offer daily registrations. Campers must register for full weeks to attend camp.

Can we pay for one week and choose our five days?

No, camp registration is whole week only.  However, it is up to you whether or not to send your campers each day.  You will not be reimbursed for missed days.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my registration?

No, we do not give refunds.  Your registration may have prevented another child from attending camp.  We hire based on the number of kids we are expecting. 

Should my camper wear a bathing suit? 

Yes! We are right next to the bay and we go up to the beach as much as the weather permits. We also go kayaking and do lots of water activities to keep the kids cool, so it is best to send them in their suit so they are ready to go!

Should I send a towel with my camper?

Yes! For all the water activities we do a towel is always great to dry off! Make sure to write your name on it with a permanent marker so it doesn’t get lost!

Does my camper need sneakers?

We have clay tennis courts and we require flat bottomed sneakers, if you don’t have those please send regular sneakers as your camper will be on the courts a minimum of two days a week!

What about sunscreen?

Always sunscreen your camper before they come rain or shine! If your camper stays for lunch they can always re-screen themselves!

Is there a water fountain at Camp?

Yes we have a water fountain attached to the Bay Beach House and we have water on the tennis courts as well! We always recommend sending a water bottle with your camper so they have it at all times and can beat the heat! Remember to write your camper’s name on it so as not to lose it!

What do we do during the day at camp?

We are as active in the sun as much as possible! Every day all age groups attend art with and create a masterpiece that goes with the day’s theme! Every other day groups get to play an hour of tennis on the court and perfect their skills. Campers will have the opportunity to kayak, and swim in the bay or the ocean every day.  Campers will play all sorts of games that range from SLIME DAY all the way up to Carnival Day which is a camp favorite!

Still have questions? email Sarah @

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