We love the court as much as you and encourage everyone to have a fun time. Before having fun under the sun, please make sure to view the tennis court rules to keep everyone safe and happy.

Tennis Schedule

Click above to enter the Tennis Draw, or to reserve court times. Note: Court reservations will be done digitally this year. On the schedule (also below), scroll to the right to view the remaining days and click the tab at the bottom to choose a different week. You may not delete a name that is already in place without their permission.

2023 Tennis Rules


  • All NBIA members in good standing may become tennis members for an additional $175/year. Tennis badges (four) and the gate lock code will be provided to tennis members on badge pick-up days, or may be picked up at the Bay Beach House during normal office hours. 
  • Non-tennis NBIA members may purchase court time on an “as available” basis at the rate of $30.00 per hour. 
  • Tenants of NBIA dues paying members may purchase a tennis membership at the rate of $275 per month or $350 for the season with a copy of the lease. Lease information can be obtained from local real estate offices. 
  • Hourly court time and tenant memberships must be purchased at the Bay Beach House office during office hours. Availability of courts will be determined by sign-up sheets posted by the courts on the bulletin board. 
  • Bringing guests:
    • Weekdays: Tennis members may invite guests who are not Normandy Beach residents
    • Weekends: Guests are permitted after 12 PM (not for morning play)


  • Courts are open daily from 8am until 8pm, weather permitting. A “Courts Closed” sign will be posted, when necessary. Please do not play during these times.
  • Courts are watered 12pm to 1pm every day
  • SUMMER CAMP will have use of one court from 1pm to 3pm while camp is in session.
  • As a courtesy to the next players, please brush the lines, if necessary, when play is completed.
  • Appropriate tennis attire is requested at all times. Shoes suitable for HAR-TRU are required (low tread). No running shoes, cleats, black-soled sneakers. No bathing suits. 
  • Children under 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult and the gates locked by an adult at the end of play. Children under 8 must be supervised at ALL TIMES. 


  • Afternoons: court reservation is now digital, using this Google Sheet. You do not need to sign up on the bulletin board now.
    • Please delete your name for any reservation you’re not using. Repeated failure to delete a reservation may result in ineligibility for draw. 
    • Please arrive promptly. After 10 minutes, courts will be available to others
  • Mornings: NBIA Tennis members may enter the tennis draw (Google Form, linked above), done weekly on Friday morning.
    • Please submit your name and preferred days/times using the link below
    • Requests will be randomized and completed “draft” style. When your name comes up in the draw, you will get your top available day/time
    • The draw will begin Friday June 23rd, 2023 and results will be added to the Google Sheet


  • As a responsible tennis member, please help to follow the rules, especially regarding security of the courts. NO tennis member should hesitate to ask to see a badge. 
  • ALL COURTS MUST BE LOCKED WHEN UNOCCUPIED.  Please do not leave any gates unlocked unless the next players arrive. 
  • Combination locks have been installed on the courts. Codes for the locks will be included in the tennis badge package. Unauthorized use of the code will necessitate a code change. Combination code can be obtained from Bay Beach House office staff upon presentation of your tennis badge. 

WED, JULY 26th @ 6PM